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A custom-built library with a TV raised inside a seating unit by a Venset TS1000A TV Lift

TV Lift Recessed into the Subfloor for a Bespoke Library

A wonderful example of what can be achieved when a TV Lift is included in the plan at the earlier stages of a build.

A customer purchased a Venset TS1000A from us for this project.  As part of the project, they created an insulated cut out into the floor which allows the TV and lift to be partially recessed for a lower initial height compared to floor level.  This allows the lift to be concealed into a seating unit instead of a full-size cabinet. 

The overall build quality of this project is exceptional with a blacked-out interior of the seating unit, added speaker system and sound absorption.  We look forward to seeing what they do next.

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YouTube: @HenningWilliams

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