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Sabaj 2-Way Wire for PLC Controller (Eco and Premium range)

Manufacturer: Sabaj Group

Code: 2-Way-K-PLC

This 2-Way Wire is compatible with any Sabaj TV Lift/Swing Mount that has an active RJ-45 Port. 

The 2-way K-PLC is compatible with any Sabaj TV lift/Swing mount that has an active RJ-45 port. This is designed to trigger your system to open to your set favourite position and to close to its starting position. Perfect for those who are looking to operate their TV mechanism with a simple up and down function with a home automation system.


£27.95 ex VAT

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Cable Length


Additional Information

  • Comes with prewired RJ-45 plug to connect to your lift for an easy install 
  • Creating a short circuit with the provided tips will cause your lift to open/ close when it receives a signal from your home automation system. 
  • 3 meters of cable provided 

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