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Sabaj Rotolift TV Lift - Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting Guide

Sabaj Rotolifts are a great hidden TV Lift option with a variety of installation and integration options. To help you get the best experience, we've compiled some information together so you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure your project starts right.

Pre-installation Tips and Advice

  1. Access to the lift itself and the Sabaj Control Box should be maintained after the installation has been completed. This may involve ensuring that any custom-built cabinets have a removable hidden access panel engineered into the design. The access panel should enable the removal and refitting of the TV Lift as well as providing access to the control panel on the Control Box itself
  2. We always recommend testing the lift before installation into your cabinet. You can do this by connecting all required cables into the Control Box and completing a range of motion test. The lift should be extended by its full stroke and rotated to the left and right before retracting back to its closed position. The manufacturers documentation can guide you through these steps in more detail
  3. Consider the final positioning of your cabinet, you'll need to ensure the lift is able to rotate without restriction and is positioned away from any walls or obstructions
  4. Extra care should be taken to ensure cabling for the Rotolift as well as the TV can be routed away from any snag or pinch points during operation. You'll also need to ensure there is enough slack in the cables to allow for the full stroke and to wrap around the lift during rotation

Warranty Claims and Troubleshooting Process

Should you experience a fault with your product and believe it should be covered by a manufacturer warranty, it's important you follow the following procedure to ensure we can process the warranty claim.

  1. DO NOT remove the lift from your cabinet or where it has been installed
  2. The Control Box has a numerical display which is used to present error codes, the full list of status and error codes is available on our tip sheet download. If you have an error code displayed, we recommend calling us on 01702 826 267 for support and further assistance

When you contact us, we may ask you to take some photos of any CE labels on the TV Lift body and Control Box and its installation to assist with the speedy diagnosis. If we are unable to resolve the issue the photos will enable us to process a warranty claim with Sabaj directly, who will provide replacement goods if it falls within their warranty terms.

Control Box Overview

All our Sabaj Rotolift TV Lifts come with their own Control Box. The control box is where any accessories such as IR receivers and Wi-Fi links for home automation will be connected and where the configuration of your TV Lift can be performed. Below, we’ll outline its functions and operation to help you familiarise yourself with its operation.

Control Panel Overview

On the front of this controller, you will have 4 buttons across the top centre, 2 status LEDs at the bottom left and a numerical display on the right-hand side. The manufacturers documentation will contain a full run through of the programming instructions and features.

Self-Test Feature

The Control Box has a built-in self-test function. After setting the box up and connecting all the cables the box should emit 3 short beeps and flash the Red LED which indicates successful completion of the self-test procedure.

Pairing the Remote Control

The remote control for the TV Lift can be quickly paired with the controller by following two simple steps

  1. Press and hold the RC SET button on the controller for at least 1 second
  2. Press any button on your remote control

If the pairing was successful, you should hear a single short beep from the Control Box.

Numerical Display

The display located on the right-hand side displays the current operating status and error codes for the device. When you are experiencing an issue, this should be the first thing to check, we have put together a list of all the known codes in our tip sheet below.

Still have questions or need further assistance?

Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01072 826 267, we'll be more than happy to provide after sales advice and assistance with your purchase. You can also email us your query with any associated photos and details to sales@rocburn.com, and we'll get in touch to help where we can.

Still have questions or need further assistance?

Our experts are happy to help. Give us a call or submit an enquiry and we'll help in any way we can. Technical support, product suggestions, and advice, we've got you covered.

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