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Cabinet switch for MBL TV Lifts with up/down/reset

Manufacturer: NOVO Automation

Code: MBL-SW

A switch that you can mount inside your TV cabinet that works with the MBL-700 and MBL-1050 range by Novo Automation.

This switch has up/down buttons that provide a backup option for controlling your TV lift.  Comes with a 1.5m fitted cable that you can route inside the cabinet to the control box for the lift.


£14.00 ex VAT

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Key Features

The switch has 2 buttons and performs 3 functions.

  • Individually the Up/Down buttons drive the lift as expected.
  • When both buttons are pressed together and held down, the lift performs a reset and slowly lowers until it has reached its lowest position.  Once a reset has been started the up/down buttons will not function until the lift has successfully reached the lowest point.  It's important to ensure there are no obstructions that will prevent the lift reaching its lowest point, such as a fixed lid, the TV itself, and any internal components of the cabinet.

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