Venset TS600B - 600mm Stroke TV Lift For LCD & Plasma
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Maximum Sizes & Weight:

200 x 200
12kg, including TV weight, brackets, lid etc.
All, Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG, Toshiba, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Vizio, Other (See VESA Sizes)

Product Details:

Brand: VensetVenset

Optional Extras

Please note: The items below are optional extras/alternatives only, and typically are not required for a full working kit.

Change to IR Remote Control Set


The TS600B from Venset is an electric flat lift with integrated auto-stop function.

A very slim, flat-lift/TV-lift designed for use in TV beds kitchen cupboards and other furniture, where slimness is of high importance.

The back of the TS600B is flat without any protruding screws or intrusive features, which makes this lift perfect in environments where the lift is visible from the back side.

Key features:

  • Maximum thickness just 45mm
  • Minimum installation height of only 50 cm
  • 60 cm of travel from 50 cm to 110 cm height
  • Automatic anti-squeeze auto-stop safety
  • Easy to adjust endstops, so you can set the height range
  • Can be used upside down, downside up and horizontal
  • Peak/working load: 15 kg/12 kg (this INCLUDES the weight of any lid that needs to be pushed) * See note below regarding weight recommendation
  • For use with Hinged lid cabinets ONLY
  • Controlled with rocker switch
  • Package Includes
    • Lid Lifter: R131770
    • VESA TV/Monitor bracket MB600 that fits the VESA standards: 200x200 | 200x100 | 100x100
    • RF Remote Control

Optional features:

  • IR infra-red remote is optional

*Note regarding TV weight:

When the tv lift is installed in a cabinet with a lid that also needs to be pushed by the lift the advised maximum weight of the TV should not exceed 7KG.

How many Remotes can be paired to a Venset TS600B?

One remote only can be paired at a time to the TS600B


View the Venset TS600B in Action

Compatable with all standard TV brands including:

Panasonic | Sony | LG | Samsung | Sanyo

Toshiba | Sharp | Philips | Mitsubishi | Vizio

Manufacturer Advice Regarding Hinged lids on Cabinets:

Models: Venset TS 460A / TS460B / TS700A / TS1000A / TS750

These are powerful lifts and sudden impact / crash effect on the motor can cause damage. The cabinet design is the domain of the cabinet maker but for a general rule any hinged lid should be designed so that at the point of contact by the lid lifter bracket the cabinet lid can be easily pushed open with the tip of one finger.

Models: Venset TS600B

The impact load required to open the lid must be calculated into the lift capacity. So, at the point of contact the total load on the lift body must not exceed 12kg. The lid lifter bracket must be set so that the lid starts to open as soon as the lift moves.

All of our TV Lifts, Stands and Mounts are VESA compliant as standard.

That means they will fit the vast majority of Flat Screen TVs out there! We always recommend that you check the VESA size on your TV before ordering to be certain of compatibility so please consult the your TV product manual to ensure VESA compliance. You can also measure the VESA holes on the back of your screen as shown below to work out the VESA standard size you need. To learn more read our VESA Guide.


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