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How can I operate my tv lift with a home automation system?

Home Automation systems are becoming more prevalent these days.  Systems can be as simple as a using an app on your phone or voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa, DIY based like Home Assistant, or professional like Control4 or KNX

For ease of integration into existing home automation/voice assistant installations many of our customers use the NOVO MBL range. With the NOVO MBL you simply have to follow the step by step instructions provided in the user manual (see page 8 in downloadable manual) in order to trigger the built in WIFI receiver.  

Once triggered you will be able to find the device using the TUYA application. The TUYA app is very popular with people looking to raise and lower their TV's using their voices with Alexa's and is compatible with all Alexa's, Google Assistant's, Apple HomePod's and many more. 

For more complicated/professional home automation systems you may want to consider using a Venset brand TV lift. These are compatible with many popular automation systems as standard and our guide can tell you how to adjust the setting on the remote system to get them working.

Download our PDF for guidance on wiring from one of these popular home automation systems to the Venset TV Lifts

  • Intertechno – CMR500
  • Creston – DMPS-300-C
  • Control 4 – HC-250

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