TV's come in a varity of sizes, cabients come in a range of styles & finshes, rooms... well the possibilities are endless. So where do you start when your thinking about hidding your tv in a cabinet?

We have gathered some fine examples of built in hidden tv's using a lift mechanism. Have a look at them and hopefully they will inspire you to come up with the perfect idea for your room.

Hidden TV Lift Idea Gallery

  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-2.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-3.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-4.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-5.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-6.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-7.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-8.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-9.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-10.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-11.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-12.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-13.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-14.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-15.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-16.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-17.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-18.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-19.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-21.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-22.jpg
  • hidden-tv-cabinet-idea-24.jpg
  • tv-lift-in-action.jpg
  • tv-lift-in-action.png

So what's the next step in building your Hiddent TV Cabinet?

See something you like?, Want to know what to do next?

Well why don't you have a look at our 'How to Build a Hidden TV Cabinet' guide and our 'Choosing the right lift for your project' guide or browse our range of products starting with those specifically designed to be built in.

Would you like some guidence choosing the right motorised TV lift Mechanism? 

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