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All of our TV Lifts, Stands and Mounts are VESA compliant as standard.

That means they will fit the vast majority of Flat Screen TVs out there! We always recommend that you check the VESA size on your TV before ordering to be certain of compatibility so please consult the your TV product manual to ensure VESA compliance. You can also measure the VESA holes on the back of your screen as shown below to work out the VESA standard size you need.

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How can I tell if my TV is VESA compliant?

Although the vast majority of TV’s are VESA compliant, there are some models that are not. Please consult your TV product manual for more information. Most manuals indicate the exact VESA standard necessary for mounting, or simply indicate the VESA mounts are supported in general. If this is the case, simply purchase a wall mount within the TV size guidelines of your TV.

What is VESA?

VESA is a set of standards for the manufacturing of flat screen televisions and PC monitors. Most manufacturers comply with this standard by adhering to an industry wide “hole pattern” on the back of their displays for mounting purposes. We have found from experience some Sony TVs don’t have standard VESA holes so double check yours or contact us for guidance before ordering.

A VESA hole pattern is measured in both horizontal and vertical distance between mounting holes. For example, VESA 75 x 75 means your TV mounting holes are 75mm apart horizontally and 75mm apart vertically.

How do I measure my TV’s VESA standard?

Look at the back of your TV and you will see 4 mounting holes which look like you can screw a screw or bolt into them. In order to work out your VESA standard measurement you need to take both a horizontal and vertical measurement (mm). For help, see the diagrams below:

VESA hole pattern hidden tv liftsVESA hole pattern 2 hidden tv lifts

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