Venset TS700 TV Lift in front of Window

Sometimes the places where you can put a TV in a room are limited, so we get people asking a lot about where a lift can be installed and can't be installed.

This customer decided to install a TV lift below a window so when the TV was not in use they still gained full light from the window. Instead of building a custom cabinet he bolted the lift directly to the wall and just placed an existing unit in front of the TV. After the installation he sent us these pictures and quote. We can just imagine how nice it is to sit in front of that fire and click the remote to have the TV appear!


We love the lift as we only have a TV in the room when needed. It is bolted directly to the wall and even though it is taller than the cabinet it still works well. When in the down position we get all the light in through the window which is great. Really happy with this product. Thank you.

Mr Y. from Perthshire

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